Titan 4 LS1 Camshaft (227/232-113+4)

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Grind # XA227/360-XA232/350-13+4
Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
Aggressive Performance
Duration at .050″: 227/232
113 Lobe Center Angle with a 109 Intake Centerline
Lift with 1.7 Rocker Arm Ratio: .612″/.595″
Recommended Displacement: 5.3-6.2 Liter Engines
Cylinder Heads: Cathedral Port
Recommended Compression Ratio: 9.4.0-11.5:1
Recommended Headers: 1 3/4″ – 1 7/8″
Recommended Stall Converter: 2800-4000
Recommended Rear Axle Ratio: 3.42-4.30
*Designed for factory style, or high flow aftermarket long runner intake manifolds.

The TITAN IV LS1 camshaft is designed for aggressive  performance in cars using 5.3-6.2 liter LS engines equipped with cathedral port, LS1 style heads. The TITAN IV LS1 will have a light lope to the idle and strong midrange to upper RPM power. This camshaft is designed to be used for vehicles equipped with headers, high flow exhaust and increased stall speed torque converter, high flow intake systems and increased rear axle ratios.

If you are looking for an aggressive performance cam that you can daily drive or race at the track, this camshaft is a great choice.

The TITAN series cams are designed with our renowned smooth cam lobe design that provides quiet valve train operation and excellent upper rpm stability. Cam Motion offers this cam in 5150, 8660 and our top of the line 8620 camshaft cores. You can read more about our cam cores here > Cam Motion’s cam cores

Recommended Accessories:
•Cam Motion .660″ lift Dual Valve Spring Kit
•Cam Motion 5/16″ .080″ Wall Hardened Chromoly Pushrods

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